Kidney Stone Recurrence: Causes and Preventive Strategies

Kidney Stone Recurrence: Causes and Preventive Strategies
Recurring kidney stones are frustrating, but they can be even more difficult to treat. Diet, genetics, and medical conditions can cause kidney stone recurrence. Additionally, you can reduce your risk of recurrence by using many preventive plans.

This article discusses the causes of kidney stone recurrence and the best prevention methods.

Kidney Stone Specialists in Chandigarh can tell you if your kidney stone will recur. They aim to develop a prevention plan customized to your needs.

What are kidney stones?

A healthy kidney controls your blood’s sodium, potassium, and calcium levels. It does this by removing waste materials from your body. Suppose you don’t have enough urine to dissolve the minerals and salts in your urine. In that case, kidney stones form, causing them to affect all parts of your urinary system. Kidney stones come in four types:


It is most commonly in the form of calcium oxalate


Infections of the urinary tract can cause them to grow large without causing any symptoms.

Uric acid:

Dehydration is caused by losing too much fluid. It can happen if you have chronic diarrhoea, eat high-protein diets, or have trouble absorbing nutrients.


It is more likely to occur in people with cystinuria (a condition where your kidneys excrete too much amino acid)


Many factors cause kidney stones. Your weight or diet may play a role, especially if you’re dehydrated or eat a high-protein, salt, and sugar diet. Supplements and medications may also contribute to kidney stones. Conditions affecting your digestive or urinary systems are also more likely to cause kidney stones.

Here are a few tips for preventing kidney stone recurrence in most people.

Get More Liquids

You should drink 10 ounces of water daily to keep your kidneys healthy.

Don’t eat meat as much.

Meat (beef, chicken, pork, and fish) proteins increase uric acid levels in the urine, which increases the risk of stones forming. They decrease urinary citrate levels, which inhibit stone formation. 

Choose Your Veggies Wisely

Veggies are good for everyone, but some are better left alone for people with stone disease. Several foods, like rhubarb, parsley, spinach, and beets, contain oxalate, which can cause stones. Your doctor can tell you if you must avoid foods high in oxalate.

Eat calcium and magnesium.

These two minerals together reduce oxalate levels in urine, preventing stones’ formation. Ensure you get at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium and 360 (for women) to 420 (for men) milligrams of magnesium every day.

Final words

These are some of how you can stop kidney stone recurrence. However, if you face any more issues, visiting the kidney stone specialist in Chandigarh at Amcare Hospital is wise.


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