Kidney Stone Prevention: Expert Advice from Chandigarh’s Leading Kidney Stone Specialists

Kidney Stone Specialist in Chandigarh
Everyone is vulnerable to kidney stones. Thousands of people around the world suffer from this issue. Kidney stone is extremely painful, like any other disease. However, there are different ways to reduce the risk of getting kidney stones repeatedly. However, first, you have to learn what kidney stones are. 

Defining a kidney stone

A kidney stone is composed of a solid and hard waste material that forms in the Kidney as a Crystal form. 

Mainly there are four types of kidney stones, but 80% are calcium oxalate stones. In addition, other types include uric acid, striate and crystalline.

The patient will feel less pain if the stone is smaller and can be removed easily. However, Kidney stones can cause blockages in the area of the urinary system if it is large in size. This issue can lead to giant pain, vomiting, and bleeding. Thus, reaching out to the Kidney Stone Specialist in Chandigarh is wise.

Tips to avoid kidney stones

Drink a lot of water.

When you drink extra water a day, it will help in diluting the substances in urine that can lead to stones. Drink as much fluid as necessary to pass 2 liters of urine daily, equivalent to eight 8-ounce cups. It is wise to include some citrate beverages like orange juice and laminate. The citrate in the drinks will help in stopping the stone formation. 

Take in more fruits and veggies.

A healthy diet rich in vegetables can help lower blood sugar and pressure, reducing the risk of heart attacks and stop some kinds of cancer.

It can prevent the severe pain of forming another kidney stone if you eat five portions of fruit and vegetables daily.

Do not forget to add calcium to your intake.

Calcium is a vital component that every human body requires. Breakfast is the perfect meal of the day, and having a diet full of calcium at this time is very critical for stopping kidney stones. Soya milk, orange juice, and cereals all have a high content of calcium, which will assist in reducing the risk of growing kidney stones. In addition, the diary items are also an ideal source of calcium. 

Final words

This blog advises stopping kidney stones by Kidney Stone Removal in Zirakpur. It is wise to follow these tips to prevent any chances of kidney stones. However, if you cannot get rid of stone using these tips, contact Amcare Hospital. 


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