Tips for a Successful Total Knee Replacement Recovery

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Most people, both men and women, suffer from knee injuries or arthritis. Some common symptoms of this problem are limited mobility, pain, stiffness, etc. Regarding this, knee replacement surgery is the only option that helps you to relieve pain and restore day-to-day functions. 

After knee replacement surgery, recovery plays an essential role that takes around 6 to 12 months. So, to make the recovery process go smoothly and quickly, ensure to follow the below tips by an ortho doctor in Chandigarh.


Prepare your home

Post-knee replacement surgery, it is essential to prepare your home to speed up the recovery process. That means stocking up on groceries, clearing the pathways for the mobility devices, and, not the least, removing any of the tripping hazards. Apart from that, buy comfortable slip-on shoes.


Walk as soon as possible.

Walking frequently is a great way to prevent the complications of knee replacement surgery, blood clots, and joints limber, and improving circulation. Apart from that, walking also helps the patients to restore their past chores as soon as possible. 


Avoid unnecessary stress on your knee.

While you are in the recovery process, don’t lift any of the heavy objects which will put excessive pressure on the knees. If you do so, you are damaging the knee. 

Additionally, when you are changing direction, make sure to turn your whole body, not only twisting the knee.


Maintain healthy weight

Weight also plays an essential role in speeding up the recovery process. That means extra pounds will put excess pressure on the new knee and will slow down the recovery process. Furthermore, overweight people also have a risk of developing osteoarthritis in other knees as well.

Ice the knee

Remember to ice your knee just after doing exercise and after walking. Icing your knee will make you feel good and also prevent any type of swelling or pain.


The bottom line

So, follow the above tips and make your knee replacement surgery successful. For more information and details, contact Amcare Hospital, the best total knee replacement hospital in Zirakpur.


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