Health Risks and Prevention: Cardiovascular Disease and Cancers

Cancer Specialist Surgeon in Ambala
Heart disease and cancer used to be thought to have distinct risk factors that didn’t overlap much. It may not be necessary to distinguish cardiovascular health from cancer prevention strategies. For instance, exercise and nutrition habits can greatly impact each other.

In addition to monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol levels, heart health requires much more. Several significant cancer risks can be reduced by preventing elevated insulin levels and excess irritation. Let’s find out how a Cancer Specialist Surgeon in Ambala helps you overcome the fear of cancer and heart diseases.

Risk factors of heart disease

Aspects of age

A person’s age increases their risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Healthy lifestyle choices can help reduce the likelihood of heart and circulatory snags, even though the process of aging cannot be changed.

The socioeconomic status of a person

Those with low socioeconomic status are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. A high socioeconomic background tends to have access to a more nutritionally balanced diet, even though the reasons may be multiple and their relationships complex.

Risk factors of cancer


Cancer diagnoses generally occur between 65 and 74 years old, depending on the type.

The longer you live, the more time slow-growing cancers become indicative since you have been exposed to carcinogens and inflammation. Cancerous and pre-cancerous cells become harder to find and destroy.

Children are more likely to suffer from bone cancer and leukemia than adults.


As an irritant, alcohol can damage colon cells and cause carcinogenic chemicals to be produced. Alcohol should be limited to one drink per day for women and two for men to reduce cancer risk.


Avoid tobacco

In addition to lung cancer, smoking can cause cancers of the mouth, throat, pancreas, bladder, cervix, and kidney. The risk of lung cancer may even increase from secondhand smoke.

Smoking isn’t the only harmful habit. Smoking tobacco causes mouth, throat, and pancreatic cancer.

Avoiding tobacco or ceasing to use it can help stop cancer. Consult your healthcare provider for help quitting tobacco.


Overeating, drinking, and smoking are unhealthy ways of coping with stress. You can improve your health by managing stress with physical activity, relaxation, or meditation.

Maintain good health

Regular self-examinations and cancer screenings may help you find cancer early, including skin, colon, cervix, and breast cancers. It’s the best time to start treatment. Find out what’s right for you when it comes to cancer screening.

Final words

According to the cancer specialist surgeons in Ambala, risk factors for both diseases differ. Still, the prevention of both is almost similar. Immediately visit Amcare Hospital if you are facing any above issues.


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