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Most diseases result in lending patients with certain levels of discomfort and pain and make situations worse for them. Sometimes even the doctors are unable to relieve patients of their pain, and most cases are encountered in the cases of piles patients. In situations like these, patients are only left with the option of taking painkillers which is not considered a healthy choice for the body. 

However, there are many other ways through which the pain linked to piles can be lowered. Renowned piles specialist doctors in Zirakpur share the most effective ones amongst them to make sure that no patient has to suffer pain.

  • Try icing

Icing is by far the most common and effective way to lower the pain in a particular area of the body, including the pain suffered due to piles. If not for long, icing can lower the pain in the area of swelling, and the best way it can be done is with the help of an ice pack. You can repeat this procedure multiple times in a day to keep yourself relieved.

  • Use pain reduction rubs

Over the years, piles have stayed a common issue with the youth. Several pain reduction methods have been introduced, but not every patient is aware of these ways. Pain reduction creams work as the perfect example in this situation, and they can be used anytime you are suffering from pain.

  • Warm baths

Warm baths are always known to be stress boosters and also work efficiently in relieving people from their pain. Not only this helps in relieving the pain, but it also helps maintain hygiene. However, you are not to repeat this for more than two or three times a day, and you need to make sure you are not harsh on the affected area as it will only add more to the difficulties.

Final Words

Piles, despite being a common issue, can be a lot troublesome for any individual suffering from it, pain being the main reason for it. You can always give it a try to the above-mentioned tips, and you can book an appointment with a trustworthy piles specialist in Zirakpur. 


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