Causes & Control of High Uric Acid: Whats, Whys, & Hows!

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Uric acid is a waste product inside the body which sometimes starts building in tissues and joints. When this happens, it can cause a range of health problems in the individual. The issue inside the individual’s body is due to high levels of uric acid that can lead to gout. 

What is a high uric acid level?

As we have discussed above, uric acid is a waste product of the body which is created when the person’s body breaks the chemicals, which are called purines. A number of uric acids easily dissolve in blood, and then it passes through the kidneys and leaves the body when you urinate. bolsa de pierna decathlon
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Apart from that, if you are taking food and drinks high in purines, then it also increases the level of uric acid. 

Some of the foods and drinks that increase the level of uric acid are: –

  1. Organ meats like liver
  2. Seafood
  3. Number of drinks and food that have a high level of fructose
  4. Red meat

The best urologists in Chandigarh state that if there is too much uric acid that stays inside the body then the condition called hyperuricemia can be faced by the individual. This issue offers crystals of uric acid in the body that easily settles in the joints and causes gout, a form of arthritis that is quite painful.

If the problem of high uric acid levels is left untreated, it can cause permanent bone, tissue, and joint damage. Apart from that, it can also cause heart and kidney disease. 

Causes of high uric acid

If you are suffering from a high level of uric acid, then it may be due to the following causes: –

  • Taking too much alcohol
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney issues
  • Tumour lysis syndrome
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Drinking too much soda or having food that contains fructose
  • Taking immune-suppressing drugs
  • Leukemia


Apart from all the above, if the person is getting chemotherapy or any radiation treatment for cancer, then the problem of high uric acid is also normal.

How is a high level of uric acid treated or controlled?

If you are suffering from a gout attack, the best urologist in Chandigarh asks the patient to take the medication which will reduce the pain, swelling, and inflammation. Apart from that, they can also take plenty of fluids but avoid sweet soft drinks and alcohol. 

Gout or kidney stones can easily pass out of the body through urine, so drink around 64 ounces daily. Moreover, in some cases, the doctor also recommends taking some medicines which will help the stone to pass by relaxing muscles inside the ureter. However, if the stone is too large, it can block the urine flow and cause infection. In this case, the patient has to undergo surgery in which the stone is removed from the kidney. 

The bottom line

If the person is suffering from a high uric acid level, ensure to contact the doctor as soon as possible for treatment; otherwise, the health condition will get worse. 


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