Common digestive disorders and symptoms that require a gastroenterologist’s attention

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Whenever you feel uncomfortable with your digestive system or experience unusual digestive issues, you should not ignore them. However, it may be very tempting to wait and watch if they diminish or go away, but this can lead to a serious problem that you should not take lightly. 

Gastro doctors in Dera Bassi are well-trained doctors who diagnose and treat gastro issues. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit a gastroenterologist

Some common reasons to visit GI due to digestive disorder

Throat lump

Undoubtedly, everybody has a sore throat and sometimes faces difficulties in swallowing. A throat lump is not accomplished by a cold or flu signs but it could be an issue in your digestive system. If there is pain or issues in swallowing liquid, make an appointment with the best gastroenterologist. You should keep a log of how it looks and any signs it shows. All of this info will help the GI doctor diagnose you.


It can cause the skin and eyes white to turn yellow due to the build-up of bilirubin in the blood. It largely manifests because of liver or blood snags, including gallstones, inflamed bile ducts, and alcohol-induced liver damage.

Unexpected Weight Loss

A GI will inspect if you are abruptly losing weight. Some heaviness loss can be linked to diet change or exercise, but rapid weight loss is abnormal.

It is not wise to ignore your weight loss if you lose it rapidly in six to twelve months. The digestive issues can be liable for baffling weight loss because it declines the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and calories.

Too Tight Clothes

Whenever you gain a few pounds, it is easy to notice. When your fit changes, you are likely bloated rather than gaining weight. The presence of bloating alone might not pose a problem. You should see a gastroenterologist if you have stomach pain or bloody stools. There are tons of things that can cause this, like allergies, reflux, and gallstones. Check your signs with a gastro doctor in Zirakpur to ensure they are not serious and get some treatment.

Final words

You will need to contact Amcare Hospital for these common digestive disorders and signs. Here you will find the best doctors. The team is highly trained to handle any type of issue.


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