Amcare is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. Based on the provided information by the user

  1. Confidentiality and Security: The hospital claims to employ high levels of security to keep personal information strictly confidential.
  2. Non-Disclosure: They state they will not disclose or sell any personal information to third parties without the user’s permission. This includes sensitive information such as name, address, age, sex, or medical history.
  3. Use of Cookies: While they use cookie technology for efficient site navigation, they claim not to use cookies to store personal information like credit card numbers.
  4. Links to Other Sites: Users are cautioned that while their site may contain links to other sites, the privacy practices of those sites may differ from Amcare Hospital’s.
  5. Information Collection: The hospital collects information in two main ways:
    • Information Provided by Users: This includes name, phone number, and email ID. Gender & Age
    • Automatically Collected Information: This includes device-specific information like device make & model, network information, advertiser ID, email address, and location information such as public IP address and geo-coordinates.
  1. Use of Collected Information: The hospital states that the collected data is used to provide better services, may be sent to third-party tools for service improvement, and to personalize the app experience.
  2. Contact Information: Users are encouraged to reach out to the hospital at for any questions or concerns regarding privacy policies.
  3. Hospital transfers or sells its assets will have the right to continue to use the personal and other information that a User provides to us, in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy.
  4. This excerpt outlines additional clauses from the privacy policy of Amcare Hospital:
  5. Acceptance of Terms: Users must accept the terms of use and privacy policy to use the services provided by Amcare Hospital. If a user doesn’t agree, they have the option to discontinue using the services.
  6. Voluntary Information: Users provide information voluntarily, including sensitive personal information.
  7. Consent for Sensitive Data: Collection of sensitive personal data requires express consent from the user. By accepting the privacy policy, users provide this consent as required by law.
  8. Accuracy of Information: Users are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information they provide. They can update their information through the website or by contacting Amcare Hospital.
  9. Retention of Information: Amcare Hospital retains user information as long as the account is active and as needed to provide services.
  10. Scope of Privacy Policy: The privacy policy applies to websites and services owned and operated by Amcare Hospital.
  11. Communication: Comments or questions sent via email or messaging forms may be shared with relevant employees or healthcare professionals. Information provided may be documented in the user’s medical record.
  12. Geolocation Information: With user permission, Amcare Hospital may use geolocation features for certain services but doesn’t share this information with third parties. Users can opt out of location-based services.
  13. Security Measures: Amcare Hospital implements security measures to protect user data from unauthorized access, modification, or loss. However, they are not liable for data loss due to unauthorized access to the user’s electronic devices.
  14. Security Practices: The hospital and its partners implement security practices appropriate to the nature of the data being collected.
  15. Disclosure of Information: Amcare Hospital may disclose personal information if required by law or to protect rights, prevent harm, or enforce terms of use.
  16. Transfer of Information: User information may be transferred to third parties in case of reorganization or sale of assets, and such third parties will have the right to continue using the information in accordance with the privacy policy.
  17. These clauses provide users with information about their rights, how their data is used, and the security measures in place to protect their information.


  1. Protection of Personal Information: Amcare Hospital maintains personal information electronically and may also have physical copies. They take necessary precautions to protect this information both online and offline, implementing reasonable security practices and measures that are appropriate for the information collected and the nature of the hospital’s business.
  2. Employee Access: User information is made accessible to Amcare Hospital employees only on a need-to-know basis, ensuring that access is limited to those who require it for their roles.
  3. Access to Information: The services provided by Amcare Hospital involve assisting patients, customers, and other stakeholders in accessing relevant information. Amcare Hospital may retain and provide access to such records to the relevant parties, such as patients, their doctors, or other stakeholders.
  4. Responsibility for Third-Party Actions: Amcare Hospital emphasizes that they are not responsible for the confidentiality, security, or distribution of personal information by their partners and third parties outside the scope of their agreement. They also disclaim responsibility for breaches of security or actions of third parties beyond their control, including government actions, hacking, unauthorized access, computer crashes, or poor-quality internet or telephone servi